Working Solutions NYC Announces New Post on Finding an FMLA Lawyer to Assess Termination

Working Solutions NYC is a team of top-rated attorneys focused on FMLA, severance, and unpaid wages in New York and New Jersey. The law firm is announcing a new post on FMLA-related terminations.

 Working Solutions NYC, a team of top-rated employment attorneys working on severance, FMLA, and unpaid wages issues in New York and New Jersey at, is proud to announce new content on FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) and the thorny problem of unjustified terminations of employees in New York and New Jersey.

"The FMLA gives certain employees very important and valuable rights," explained Chris Q. Davis, managing partner at the law firm. "Unscrupulous employers, however, may unlawfully terminate persons who are trying to exercise those rights. Our new content helps those folks to realize that they not only have rights but that they can find an FMLA lawyer in New York City who can help."

Persons who would like to learn more can visit the post at The post explains some of the basics of the FMLA and includes a discussion of what may happen during an unlawful termination. The FMLA gives employees in certain circumstances the right to take paid time off with no consequence. Because of these costs and hassles, however, some unscrupulous employers unlawfully pressure or terminate employees who seek to exercise these rights. The FMLA law is complicated, however, and not all employees nor all circumstances are covered. Thus the post explains that the best step for an employee is to reach out for a private, confidential consultation with an FMLA lawyer in New York City to assess the facts, the law, and the best course of action. Persons who want to dig deeper into the FMLA are encouraged to read the FMLA lawyer information page at That page is an overview of the law, the issues, and the reality of the necessity of speaking with a trained lawyer.

With offices in New York City ( and Livingston, New Jersey (, the law firm makes it easy for persons to seek out a no obligation FMLA lawyer consultation in either New York or New Jersey. Indeed, the firm offers over-the-phone and web-based consultations, so anyone in the greater New York or New Jersey area can avail themselves of a private, confidential consultation on their rights. There is no risk to the client and thus anyone facing potential family leave or medical retaliation is encouraged to reach out for a lawyer consultation.


Working Solutions NYC is a law firm with offices in New York (New York City) and New Jersey that is committed to serving the possible needs of clients who are seeking an attorney.  This includes but is not limited to claims of discrimination, retaliation, FMLA violations, wrongful termination, benefits & vacation pay, FLSA violations such as unpaid wages, severance agreements, and sexual harassment.

Source: Working Solutions NYC